This is Kalymnos

Kalymnos is situated in the center of the group of islands stretching in
the Southeastern Aegean Sea, known by the name of the Dodecanese islands.
It is the island of sponges, the island of climbing, diving, traditional,
hospitable and pristine, in the waters of the Aegean Sea!
Kalymnos in every corner is flooded with melodies and aromas from the traditional culture. The whole island offers fun, enjoyment, hospitality in the true sense. Kalymnos caters to all tastes and all ages and you live intensely in every moment.
Even if you are seeking for leisure it becomes a shelter and an absolute sanctuary.
The uniqueness of the buildings, the Italian and manorial elements of the island and the natural beauty of its landscapes, make it an ideal place for
any artist who seeks inspiration to create.
Plan your trip to Kalymnos!
Register in the whole island and you will definitely become a regular visitor because you will fall in love with the way you have fun.
Live like a local!
When you do so, you will feel its diversity and casual-positive mood!