Argastiri Weaving shop

 “Argastiri”,is a family weaving shop, that as soon as a yarn of silk or cotton or wool or even a snippet of rag makes its way into the shuttles and bonds with their drive, talent and skill at the loom, it promptly turns into a little masterpiece of the Art – because Weaving is an Art.

 It is thanks to their profound knowledge of this Art and their insatiable love for  creativity that they feel sufficiently confident  to track down  unique patterns, based on traditional designs and .You will find unique hand-woven items and rag-rugs, made on a traditional loom and other handcrafted products from all around Greece.

So, as you stroll through the stone-paved Patithries area of Kalymnos, with its sturdy buildings of olden days, its quaint “pezodromos” road – full of local tradespeople and small taverns, or while sightseeing around Pothia on your way to archeological museum or a nearby sponge factory -come along and make your acquaintance with the magical world of the Loom, at the “Argastiri”!  

A free of charge, tour-introduction in English is provided to all visitors who wish to visit and for the ones that would like to learn more, there are weaving day classes they can book: you will be able to actively participate in the whole procedure by cutting stripes of cloth, spinning, filling a boat shuttle; even try weaving on the traditional floor loom. This experience will help visitors to understand better Kalymnos’ culture and civilization.

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